Groovy Groove


What’s up Musicland this is Hen the Hen coming at you Live from Internet land. Just wanted to drop you a line see how your music career and genre is moving forward in this groovy time.

Get your groove on that’s what I always say.

Sometimes I try to get out and play some music with different people but what I find is that not everybody’s got the same group as I do.

So big question of the day is have you found your groove, have you found your tune, and have you found your genre, have you found your music?

If not you better get to downloading some YouTube videos to see what you love. Try it on like a pair shoes if they fit keep wear them outta the store. Nobody’s at the checkout counter they don’t care. It’s all about you here, about the heart. It’s about you so it’s about what you love and what you can control.

From hip-hop to reggae to classical to banjo, I don’t care what you do as long as it fits right, it feels right and grooves right. It fits tight.

You hit a wall you gotta turn. You gotta move in a new direction. You gotta find what it’s like to play on the outside what’s already playing on the inside.

Make space for yourself create room for self-expression. Fully self expressed that’s what it’s all about. When you’re fully expressed people will love you. When people love you a lot of people will hate you.

In the brilliant words of Kanye West you need some more haters in life.

So go out and find what it is that you love. Is it paining, piano, plays or percussion? Find it now find it today find it next week find it next year. Look for it but don’t look too hard. If you look too hard it’ll run away, if you let it flow it’ll be right there. You feel me?

I find one key is to listen to the beat. Your beat will tell you how you were defined. Your music beat is like your heartbeat. You gotta find the right beat for you. If it’s slow and steady that’s you, if it is fast and chaotic that’s you. Let your soul find the right beat. You’ll know it when you find it. It’ll move like a symbiotic relationship with your internal vibrations.

Kind of like the man or woman of your dreams. You just know when you know, you know?

Get inspired be inspired find your fire. Find your talent. Express yourself. Express your self to the world not just to your room.

Sing in your home, sitting on the street corners. Seeing until someone see just singing for crying out loud. Get on social media produce and share. Share your heart. Share your life. Share your world. You want to be a great musician this is the doorway.

Many people had failures long before they had successes. Make sure that you are always performing. Performing for others.

Get Your Art On

Our 5 star recommendations on Getting Your Art On

There is an artist in all of us. Even if you do not think that you have any DIY artist abilities, you do.  The key is to find what stirs you.  Finding your passion will go a long way in what you will be able to create.

There are a few different ways you can go about figuring out what your DIY artist passion is. Of course trial and error is the best way but the most expensive way. Sometimes trial and error does not have to be running out a stack of materials to feed your inner artist and take a chance on your latest endeavor.

Watch Videos

The internet can teach you just about anything. YouTube can be your best ally in finding your passion for art.  Spending some time reviewing videos on different art genres can help you find something that will get your passions flowing.

By eliminating the things that do not interest you buy watching other people doing something can save you some time and money on your journey to find what speaks to your inner Picasso.  Watching videos is easy and can easily ignite your passion.

Take Some Lessons

There are plenty of occasion where you can take an introductory art lesson. Many people stumble upon their passion that fuels their DIY artist by accident.  Check out your local art shops to see if they have a bulletin board up where free or almost free intro classes are offered.

Don’t Be Afraid

Who cares if you are good at the art that you attempt? Of course it would be grand if we could pick up a paint brush and find that there is an inner Leonardo DiVinci lurking inside but so what if there isn’t? Just enjoy the process and the passion will come.

Give Yourself Time

One of the biggest reasons that people fail at finding their passion because they do not want to invest the time. They expect to fall in love with their first attempt and when they don’t they give up.

Developing a passion for anything does not happen overnight. It is a process that may take some time. Give yourself the time to develop your interest.

Art is Fun

Art should be fun. Having fun creating art is the first indication that you are on the right track to developing your passion for art. You can find your DIY artist and develop a passion that you may not even know was buried inside.